Converts URLs and emails in code to clickable links. Parses Markdown links in comments.

How to use

URLs and emails will be linked automatically, you don’t need to do anything. To link some text inside a comment to a certain URL, you may use the Markdown syntax:

[Text you want to see](



 * Prism: Lightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting
 * MIT license
 * @author Lea Verou
 * Reach Lea at (no, not really)
 * And this is [a Markdown link]( Sweet, huh?
var foo = 5;
// And a single line comment


@font-face {
	src: url(;
	font-family: 'LeaVerou';


<!-- Links in HTML, woo!
Lea Verou or, with Markdown, [Lea Verou]( -->
<img src="" alt="In attributes too!" />
<p>Autolinking in raw text:</p>