How to use

Obviously, this is supposed to work only for code blocks (<pre><code>) and not for inline code.

Add the line-numbers class to your desired <pre> or any of its ancestors, and the Line Numbers plugin will take care of the rest. To give all code blocks line numbers, add the line-numbers class to the <body> of the page. This is part of a general activation mechanism where adding the line-numbers (or no-line-numbers) class to any element will enable (or disable) the Line Numbers plugin for all code blocks in that element.

<body class="line-numbers"> <!-- enabled for the whole page -->

	<!-- with line numbers -->
	<!-- disabled for a specific element - without line numbers -->
	<pre class="no-line-numbers"><code>...</code></pre>

	<div class="no-line-numbers"> <!-- disabled for this subtree -->

		<!-- without line numbers -->
		<!-- enabled for a specific element - with line numbers -->
		<pre class="line-numbers"><code>...</code></pre>


Optional: You can specify the data-start (Number) attribute on the <pre> element. It will shift the line counter.

Optional: To support multiline line numbers using soft wrap, apply the CSS white-space: pre-line; or white-space: pre-wrap; to your desired <pre>.





Please note that this <pre> does not have the line-numbers class but its parent does.



Please note the data-start="-5" in the code below.


Unknown languages

This raw text
is not highlighted
but it still has
line numbers

Soft wrap support

Please note the style="white-space:pre-wrap;" in the code below.